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An American Piano

War, 2014, 20min

The extraordinary true story of a young Japanese girl who played the piano for Prisoners of War during World War II and how it affected their lives. War is only possible when the enemy is dehumanised. "An American Piano" is a story of humanity, compassion and the universality of music in helping to heal the rifts between wartime rivals.

Director: Paul Leeming

Starring: Lou Ohshiba, Adam J. Yeend, Qyoko Kudo, Jun Matsuo, Leon Masuda

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Pieces of 8 Poster

Pieces of 8: Chapter 1

Horror, 2014, 6min

Welcome to a slice of purgatory for one woman who has made a grievous error in her life and is now fated to repeat it forever.... This film was shot at the YouTube Space House of Horrors with Legendary Entertainment, exclusively for the Guillermo Del Toro 2014 Halloween horror competition.

Director: Paul Leeming

Starring: Aimi Sekiguchi, Tomoko Hayakawa

Silent Hill Stolen Heart Poster

Silent Hill: Stolen Heart

Horror, 2011, 5min

Searching for his missing love, a policeman wakes up to find he has gotten more than he bargained for. Filmed in the mountains of Japan in an abandoned mining town, "Silent Hill: Stolen Heart" is a prologue to a deeper and darker story of lost love and regret still to come.

Director: Paul Leeming

Starring: Zenta Ochi, Maya Murofushi, Alexandra McLendon, David Mazzucchi

Eve Poster


Scifi, 2005, 15min

What does love mean in an age where your every fantasy can be fulfilled by a robot? "Eve" examines the nature of love and obsolescence in a world where last year's model is easily discarded in favour of the latest technology.

Director: Paul Leeming

Starring: Tara Clark, Adam J. Yeend

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Birth Poster


Scifi, 2006, 5min

Would you recognise the first artificial intelligence? At the dawn of a new era one human being faces a decision which could change our understanding of humanity forever. "Birth" is the second film in Paul Leeming's robot trilogy, capturing a starkly plausible vision of the near future.

Director: Paul Leeming

Starring: Celeste Paterno, Maja Meschitschek

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