Leeming LUT One

Leeming LUT One™

As of the 8th April 2016, Leeming LUT One™ has a new home!


Camera LUT support has been expanded to include the Panasonic GH4, Panasonic G7, Panasonic FZ300, Canon 700D, as well as a bunch of Sony cameras (most of the ones that include 4K recording and Picture Profiles, such as the A7S, A7S II, A7R II, A6300, RX10 II and RX100 IV, among others.

There is also a new guide on how to shoot using ETTR principles, how to use the histogram and zebras, plus links to a new, dedicated Facebook group and Twitter account to help you keep up to date with developments. See you over there!

Eve Poster


Scifi, 2005, 15min

What does love mean in an age where your every fantasy can be fulfilled by a robot? "Eve" examines the nature of love and obsolescence in a world where last year's model is easily discarded in favour of the latest technology.

Director: Paul Leeming

Starring: Tara Clark, Adam J. Yeend


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Birth Poster


Scifi, 2006, 5min

Would you recognise the first artificial intelligence? At the dawn of a new era one human being faces a decision which could change our understanding of humanity forever. "Birth" is the second film in Paul Leeming's robot trilogy, capturing a starkly plausible vision of the near future.

Director: Paul Leeming

Starring: Celeste Paterno, Maja Meschitschek


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